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Behind my home are many acres of New England conservation land consisting of forest, streams, marshes and meadows. Over the past thirty-six years these woods have become an important part of my life. As a photographer I wanted to make images of these woods which make them look as alive and vibrant as they feel to me. I wanted to make photographs full of robust colors and patterns. I wanted to make photographs reveal the organic chaos of the woods. I wanted to make photographs which reflect the passage of time over which they were taken — long bright moments of light and color. 


My process is to load my backpack with a tripod and camera, hop across the brook and then head out into the woods. One of my favorite photographic destinations is a brook valley just above the old Thoreau family mill pond; another is a trail that runs along one side of a huge wetland. Once I have selected a subject, I take a sequence of twelve to forty shots over the course of ten or fifteen minutes. Back in my studio I process each series of shots through my computer to blend them into the final single image. It is through this extended process that I achieve the brush, pen and colored wash qualities I desire.

Below are a selection of  15 images from this project. There is also a photobook on this topic - on this site under the Books menu.

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