NYC Longer Instants   In  this series I used a sequential series of hand held camera shots to build each of the final images. The content of an image consists of digital samples taken over many seconds - from 6 seconds in the shot of the taxi lights on Park Avenue to as long as 27 seconds in the MoMA coat check line. A final image might be the result of as many as 15 individual photos. I have blended the image sequences together in post-processing to optimize the visual strengths of each moment.

This approach to picture making provides me with an unusual ‘Street Photography’ perspective. In some scenes several people will share the same physical space and image space for the duration of a sequence. I think of them as the characters of the image. Their traces layer the print. People move along paths, lines and arcs. Behind them the permanence and stillness of the physical city: the buildings, the signs, the structures stand in contrast to the busy humans moving through the open spaces of New York City. 

 © 2020  Peter J Baumgartner.    

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