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 Rocks In The Woods


Rocks are real, solid. Rocks provide me with a moment of certainty, of quick focus. They serve as a defense against today’s flood of lies and misleading information. 


Some of our rocks are glacial erratics dropped on the landscape during the last ice age, some are chunks of ancient bedrock jutting up into the air. Time and again the trees grew up around these rocks. The trees died and were then replaced by the next forest. The rocks are an affirmation of their presence and of my own, impassive yet witness to immense stretches of time. 


Each of these images represents an extended encounter with a rock. Some of these rocks are new to me. Others are old friends I’ve been walking by and admiring for 30 years. My process for making this work is to first contemplate the rock and then take a series of shots. I blend all these shots into the final composition. Each shimmering image is the sum of many distinct moments.

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