While much of Peter J Baumgartner’s fine art photography is often characterized by the deliberate manipulation of imagery to visualize time, natural forces and explore living ecologies; he also practices straight street and nature photography.


His photographs have been exhibited in shows nationally as well as online. Ten of his landscapes are in the collection of the National Film Board of Canada. Many others are in private collections across the USA.

In 2004, Sheridan House published his well-reviewed book, ‘London Goes To Sea’, about his restoration of an old sailboat and its passages along the New England coast. In 2007, he extended the narrative in a blog which includes many of his photographs. ‘London Goes To Sea’ continues to be available on Amazon.com.

As a student at Tufts University, Peter studied photography for three years with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts faculty. After Tufts Peter wandered the western US and Canada in a van with a custom photo platform built on the roof. The platform was modeled on the one Ansel Adams had on the roof of his station wagon. Peter worked for several years during this period as a freelance photographer before returning East to attend Boston University.


At BU he studied computer science - with a particular interest in applying computer technology to publishing. After working in the industry, Peter founded North Atlantic Publishing Systems, Inc. (NAPS) in 1989 and has served as CEO ever since. NAPS has focused on creating software tools for large publishers and language translation houses.

Peter also volunteers his photography skills for Boston area non-profits; most notably WGBH, the PBS Boston TV affiliate. His photos are used on their website.



email:  peterjbaumgartner@gmail.com




"An India Tour in February and March of 2019" video published on YouTube 'PJB Little Films' channel using more than 400 new photographs taken in India. YouTube will display a content warning as some of the holy men are naked.  View video here​.  

"Explore!" - WGBH monthly magazine photo credit. April 2019 issue.

 "IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN A ROADTRIP"  photo book 13×11 in, 33×28 cm  ~ 135pp  132 color photos.  Text. Hardcover with glossy dust jacket.

Preview or order here: https://www.pjbaumgartner.com/product-page/it-might-have-been-a-road-trip​ 


"FOLIAGE" November, 2018 photo book 13×11 in, 33×28 cm 76 pp 32 color photos. 

Preview or order here: https://www.pjbaumgartner.com/product-page/foliage-photobook  

BFRT Newsletter, Fall 2018 - multiple photo credits "Celebrating The Opening of Phase 2" Bruce Freeman Rail Tail.

"DEATH VALLEY ELEMENTALS: An Annotated Catalog"  August, 2018 . 32 pp 25 color photos.  Limited edition of 100.

 Preview or order here: https://www.pjbaumgartner.com/product-page/death-valley-elementals-an-annotated-collection-of-photographs

Solo show - City of Reno Galleries, 'Death Valley Elementals', Reno, NV, Sept.17 - Nov 2, 2018 Arts Center, Reno, NV.

Online show - Two images shortlisted for Royal Photographic Society contest: 'Urban Life'

Group show - LA Art Show - 'Near The Dead Pine', Los Angeles, CA Jan. 10-14, 2018. www.laartshow.com


Group show - Los Angeles Center of Photography, 'Fine Art', May 19-June 23, 2017, Los Angeles, CA.

Group show - Sohn Fine Art Gallery, 'Seeds', May19-July 9, 2017, Lenox, MA.

Group show - VillageWorks, 'Driven To Abstraction', Oct1-31,2017, Acton, MA

Group show - Royal Photographic Society, 'Landscapes', online competition, short-list. Oct, 2017.


Group show - Earth Month 2016 City Of LA Exhibit, El Tranquillo Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Online show - Favorite Photograph Exhibition, LensScratch

Group show - 100 Years of National Parks: The North East, G2 Gallery, Venice, CA

Group show - Green, Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, VT

Group show - iPhonography Now, Plymouth Center for the Arts, Plymouth, MA

Group show - Night Photography: Dusk to Dawn, Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury, VT


Group show - Into Abstraction, Emerson Umbrella, Concord, MA

Group show - Perfect Storm, Rocky Neck Art Colony, Cultural Center Gallery, Gloucester, MA

Group show - Lines, Darkroom Gallery, Essex Jct, VT

Group show - Off The Beaten Path: Views From Yosemite, G2 Gallery, Venice, CA

Online show - My Daily Photograph – ‘Flamingo’, Duncan Miller Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Online show - Earth Awards 2015,  LensCulture Competition Gallery


North Atlantic Publishing Systems, Inc – 1989 - Present – founder and CEO. Developer of software tools for publishers and language translators – www.napsys.com   Adobe extensions developer for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.  Adobe technology partner.  Software resume on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-j-baumgartner-9a761612/ 


Volunteer photographer for WGBH (Boston PBS TV station) events. Example events: premiere of American Experience's Ted Williams followed by a discussion and reception; WGBH Craft Beer Festival; WGBH Insider showing of 'Native America' followed by a discussion with the executive producer. About 6 events a year.

Occasional photography for other local non-profits and town newspaper. 


"IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN A ROADTRIP"  February, 2018 photo book 13×11 in, 33×28 cm  ~ 135pp  132 color photos.  Text. Hardcover with glossy dust jacket.  Preview or order here: https://www.pjbaumgartner.com/product-page/it-might-have-been-a-road-trip 

"FOLIAGE" November, 2018 photo book 13×11 in, 33×28 cm 76 pp 32 color photos.

Preview or order here: https://www.pjbaumgartner.com/product-page/foliage-photobook  

"Death Valley Elementals: An Annotated Catalog" August, 2018 . 32 pp 25 color photos.

Preview or order here: https://www.pjbaumgartner.com/product-page/death-valley-elementals-an-annotated-collection-of-photographs​ 

 Limited edition of 100.

'London Goes To Sea' – book - 224 pp. Sheridan House, 2004. (avail. on Amazon.com)

'How To Run Aground', Sail Magazine, 2002 - magazine article (sailing humor)

"My Japans" - blog -> http://myjapans.blogspot.com


Tufts University, BA English, Photography: School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Computer Science: Boston University

Creative Writing: University of Iowa


National Film Board of Canada, Ottawa, Canada – 10 landscapes.

Private collections.


2016 Show review - The Photograph Collector, 1/16

2015 Show review - Gail McCarthy, Gloucester Daily Times, 2/5/15

2004 Book review - Victor Mallet, The Financial Times, 12/18/04

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