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Much of Peter J Baumgartner’s photography is characterized by the deliberate manipulation of imagery to create abstract and painterly landscapes.


Peter’s solo show, ‘Death Valley Elementals’ was exhibited at McKinley Arts & Culture Center, Reno, NV in 2018. This gallery event initiated a road trip from Massachusetts to Reno which in turn led to the creation of his photobook ‘It Might Have Been A Road Trip’.


Peter’s photographs have been exhibited in group shows nationally as well as online. These include Los Angeles Art Show, LA Convention Center, Sohn Fine Art Gallery, Lenox MA and online. Ten of his landscapes are in the collection of the National Film Board of Canada. Many others are in private collections across the USA.

In 2004, Sheridan House published his well-reviewed book, ‘London Goes To Sea’, which told the story of his restoration of an old sailboat and its passages along the New England coast. Since 2007, he has extended the narrative in his blog which includes many of his photographs. ‘London Goes To Sea’ continues to be available from the publisher on


Peter also volunteers his photography skills for several local non-profits; most notably WGBH, the PBS Boston TV affiliate.





Instagram: @pjbphotographer








'Death Valley Elementals'  McKinley Arts & Culture Center, Reno, NV.  2018


Group Shows


'Abstraction' show at the Arts League of Lowell includes two from the Foliage series: Goldens and Winterberries & Swamp Maple


'13th Annual Self-Published Photobook Show' at the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA includes my photobook, 'Foliage'.


'13th Annual Self-Published Photobook Show' presented by the Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson NY and the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA includes my photobook, 'Foliage'.



‘Freshwater and our Watershed’  Emerson Umbrella, Concord, MA




 ‘Los Angeles Art Show’  LA Convention Center Los Angeles, CA


'Fine Art'  Los Angeles Center of Photography,Los Angeles, CA 

'Seeds'  Sohn Fine Art Gallery, Lenox, MA.

'Driven To Abstraction'  VillageWorks,  Acton, MA 


‘Earth Month 2016’  City Of LA Exhibit, El Tranquillo Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

‘100 Years of National Parks: The North East’  G2 Gallery, Venice, CA

‘Green’  Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, VT

‘iPhonography Now’  Plymouth Center for the Arts, Plymouth, MA

‘Night Photography: Dusk to Dawn’  Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury, VT


‘Into Abstraction’  Emerson Umbrella, Concord, MA

‘Perfect Storm’  Rocky Neck Art Colony, Cultural Center Gallery, Rocky Neck, Gloucester, MA

‘Lines’  Darkroom Gallery, Essex Jct, VT

‘Off The Beaten Path: Views From Yosemite’  G2 Gallery, Venice, CA




National Film Board of Canada, Ottawa, Canada – 10 landscapes.

Private collections 


Honors and Awards/Grants


'Urban Life' Two images shortlisted for Royal Photographic Society contest (2018)

‘Earth Awards’ LensCulture Competition Gallery (2015)




2016 ‘Perfect Storm’ show review The Photograph Collector, 1/2016

2015 ‘Perfect Storm’ show review  Gloucester Daily Times, 2/5/2015

2004 ‘London Goes To Sea’ book review, The Financial Times, 12/18/2004

2004 ‘London Goes To Sea’ book review, Offshore, 10/2004




"It Might Have Been A Road Trip"  February, 2018 photo book 13×11 in, 33×28 cm  ~ 135pp  132 color photos.  Text. Hardcover with glossy dust jacket.   

"Foliage" November, 2018 photo book 13×11 in, 33×28 cm 76 pp 32 color photos.

"Death Valley Elementals: An Annotated Catalog" August, 2018 . 32 pp 25 color photos.


'London Goes To Sea' book 224 pp. Illustrations. Sheridan House, 2004. Available from Sheridan House on

'How To Run Aground', Sail Magazine, 2002 - magazine article (sailing humor)

"My Japans" blog with photos



Tufts University, BA English,   Photography: School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Computer Science: Boston University

Creative Writing: University of Iowa


Professional Publishing Experience /Software Development

Founder and CEO North Atlantic Publishing Systems, Inc. 1989 - 2020. Developer of software tools for publishers and language translators –   Adobe extensions developer for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.  Adobe technology partner.  

North Atlantic Publishing Systems customers included: Time-Life Books, Conde Nast, Wall Street Journal, Prentice-Hall, Pearson, Scholastic, Harvard Business Review, New York Times Magazine, Boston University, Harper-Collins, Texas Monthly, United Methodist, American Express, SDL, LionBridge, The London Times, Atex, Boston Globe, Virginia Pilot and several thousand more.


Community Photography

Photographer for the local newspaper, The Carlisle Mosquito.

Volunteer photographer for WGBH (Boston PBS TV station) events. Including: premiere of American Experience's Ted Williams followed by a discussion and reception; WGBH Craft Beer Festival; WGBH Insider showing of 'Native America' followed by a discussion with the executive producer. About 6 events a year.

Occasional photography for the Friends of Bruce Freeman Rail Trail.






Many images are available for print and electronic licensing.

All photographs are Copyright ©1980-2022 Peter J Baumgartner, All Rights Reserved.

To inquire about licensing reproduction rights, please contact:


Peter J Baumgartner Photography 

All content of this website, including photographs, text, video and audio, unless otherwise indicated, are protected under domestic and international copyright laws and are not considered to be public domain:  Copyright ©1980-2022 Peter J Baumgartner, All Rights Reserved. Any use or alteration of any content, including retransmission, downloading, storage, or digital or mechanical reproduction, whole or in part of a derivative work, is strictly prohibited unless formally authorized by Peter J Baumgartner or his approved agents.


Non-commercial personal or academic use by educators, students and researchers is permitted, if appropriate copyright notice and photo credit is given.

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