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"Desert Lunch Stop" December 2022. 32 pp 24 color photos. Glossy paperback format. Signed.


“ ‘Desert Lunch Stop’ has a wonderful, magically truthful, and beautifully haunting essence about it. I loved being reminded that the desert was once underwater. The photographic landscape work is stunning."   - Becky J.


" I must say I'm impressed. Quite lovely. Your time in the desert was well spent..."  - Robert B. 


You stop for lunch. After eating you sit and look at the scenery. As you take in the scene your thoughts wander. In the desert, you can see the exposed skin of the earth. It’s hot. Global warming comes to mind as you study the geological layers, marks on the earth of extinctions past, so many eons of stacked time. You begin to wonder about what will happen after we are gone. 


Desert Lunch Stop

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