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My favorite images are ones we are drawn to and then into, images with enough complexity and room, to allow the eye and thoughts to wander. There is a portion of the late New England winter and spring when the trees bud and begin to leaf out, which is almost as colorful as the fall. I call this time, 'Tiny Leaf' season. In these photos I begin to explore the muted earth tones of late winter, the warmer colors of budding and flowering trees and the yellow greens of the first flush of tiny leaves. The color bars in these images are extracted from digital slices of the photos. I have blended each slice into a series of colored bands. Each color bar serves as a linear comment, a device to focus attention on a portion of the landscape image. This is particularly direct in the photo, 'Poole Swamp'. When I look at this series, I find my eye wanders across the image, hops to a color bar and then back, building connections and links. This color came from here, and that from there, until the color bar takes over, holding the eye with its beautiful abstracted color.

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